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"What's a 'Rosebud'?"

A "Rosebud" is the term sisters of Zeta Phi Delta use to classify individuals who have received and accepted a bid from our sorority & are currently going through the New Member--or "Rosebudding"--Process!


"How Can I Become a 'Rosebud'?"

During the fall & spring semesters, the sisters of Zeta Phi Delta host their Recruitment, which is open to both undergraduate & graduate students currently enrolled at Marywood University. Each individual that attends at least one night of Recruitment will be considered for membership. Following our Recruitment, Zeta Phi Delta will administer bids to those who we wish to extend exclusive membership to. 


Individuals who attend our Fall Recruitment, receive bids, & accept will be invited to begin our Rosebudding Process in the beginning of the spring semester. Individuals who attend our Spring Recruitment, receive bids, & accept will immediately advance into the Rosebudding Process that same semester.

"What is the Rosebudding Process?"

The Rosebudding Process is a multi-week long process that will allow each Rosebud to further appreciate, learn about, & understand our Sisterhood! It also prepares Rosebuds for what is expected of them once they become sisters at the end of the Rosebudding Process--which will end upon Initiation!